Financial Aid Scholarship

Scholarship award amounts and eligibility criteria vary widely. While the number of scholarships grows each year, funding is limited. Due to the high caliber of the applicant pool, many deserving students are not awarded scholarship assistance.

All accepted entering freshmen and enrolled continuing students will be considered for each University-administered scholarship for which they are eligible. Transfer students must have completed one full-time semester at Clemson University before they will be considered for University scholarships. Students must be U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens (eligible for federal Title IV aid) to qualify for consideration. Official registrar office records will be consulted to determine major, class, GPR and other selection criteria. It is not necessary to apply for a particular scholarship or have prior knowledge of eligibility criteria except as indicated. The following list of University scholarships is for information only. Students do not apply for individual scholarships.

  • Students receiving Clemson University scholarship assistance cannot be awarded more than the total cost of attendance as defined annually. This limitation applies to all financial aid regardless of source and is based on tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation and personal expenses. Scholarship stipends will be adjusted to ensure this limit is not exceeded.
  • Scholarships and grants that exceed tuition and fees and the cost of books and supplies may be subject to U.S. income taxation. Amounts used for room and board are considered taxable income. This assessment is made when students file their federal income taxes.
  • New or unawarded scholarships are awarded during the fall make-up period. Students who were accepted after the scholarship deadline, as well as students previously considered, will be reconsidered after October 15.
Scholarships are divided into four basic categories: Restricted, Academic Recruiting, Diversity and Special Programs.
The selections below provide definitions and scholarship listings for each category.


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